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hey friday [23 Mar 2007|10:19pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

well, i apologize for sleeping through both of my classes ... in bed. whoops.

i spent today at the gym. literally. like three hours. then i watched law and order until six o'clock or so and then went to wegman's to get fish fry and some groceries. the dumb broad that checked me out didn't charge me for the fish, which is heinioulsy overpriced, by the way. it's like nine bucks for the dinner. every friday. fucking extortion. but yeah, it was free tonight. idiot.

i came home and now i'm watching movies on tnt with bobby. i want to actually go to the movies and see reign over me. it looks good. i want to do a lot of stuff but can't because i am poor. speaking of poor, i had the interview at barnes and noble. it went really well. the hiring manager wanted to know who would write "i quit abercrombie and fitch because i have a hard time selling a $50 shirt to a thirteen year old." i guess they thought i was funny. i hope to hear from them next week. i could really, really use this job. i want to start saving more for the vacations. which i'm sure will either be really good or really bad. who knows. there's still a ways to go.

tomorrow morning i want to go for a run. i hope it's nice out. and if it's not i can just go to the gym. i love how it's basically in the back yard. even though they don't have yards here. i just find it very convenient, as annoyed as i am at the elipticals. mainly because i spend an hour on it, and yet i don't truly GO anywhere. it's irritating sometimes. but we do what we must do. blah de blah.

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it's spring again [21 Mar 2007|03:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

today has been such a good day - surprise! class was a waste of time but other than that it's nice out and i have no real complaints. i came home and took a nap and was woken up around one o'clock when my phone rang. it was one of the managers from barnes and noble calling to talk to me about my application. i guess she liked what i said, because i have an interview tomorrow morning before school. i don't want to jinx it so i won't sound too hopeful but i could really, really use this job. i am poor and in order to go on two vacations practically back to back i'm either going to have to sell all my blood and both of my kidneys, or land some kind of part time work. i just got back from the gym where i ran for an hour and did all my lifting and i feel great. and now the rock is in some movie on tv. jesus christ, how awesome. i'm sure something bad will happen later on to balance all of this out, but for now i will relish in the fact that things are good right now.

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i reallllly hate school [18 Mar 2007|08:04pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so today i was supposed to do my essay revision and i've seriously sat in front of this computer doing everything else i can possibly think of except for the work. i'm on the second paragraph and i need, oh, five more pages. this is ridiculous. it's  not like it's hard, i'm just entirely unmotivated. in fact, i didn't really do anything today. i didn't even go to the gym. i did assess how poor i am, and how bad i need a job, and how i'm never going to get a job. so i won't be able to afford going away this summer, which was the only thing keeping me sane at this point. i hate the winter and i hate school. i have to pay for a ticket, too. college is stupid and anyone that's heading there, i am so sorry. it is exactly like high school ... piles and piles of shit that you don't care about and won't help you in any way. it's an excuse for teachers to go on power trips and feel better about themselves. like i said, just like high school. i wish i had known back then that it wouldn't matter where i went, because i would hate it regardless. maybe i should have stayed at buffalo and just toughed it out even though i was miserable. but this sucks pretty bad. i'm tired of having to read and write stuff that i don't have any interest in. this is such a waste of time. only seven more years to go. awesome.

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i hate school [17 Mar 2007|09:58pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

it's just like it sounds.

whenever i think i have five minutes to relax, i remember the hundred school related things i have left undone. i have a huge essay revision due on monday that i've successfully put off until tonight/tomorrow. what bullshit. today i just hung out and went to the gym for a long time and then bobby and i went to dinner with my parents at little venice. it was so good. now we're just sitting here watching basketball and i have my essay up on the screen and all my notes on the table but i'm doing nothing about it, obviously, since i am writing this.

i wish it was summer i want to go to the beach.

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don't spill the water [16 Mar 2007|09:21pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

my deepest apoligies for the last entry.

what. the. fuck.

today i didn't go to class because my 9 o'clock was cancelled anyway and my 10 o'clock is pointless as fuck and i wasn't even awake yet. all good reasons. i met andrea for lunch at uno's and it was so good to see her. we sat and talked about everyone we didn't like in high school/still don't like now. hey, that could be you! by then it was snowing hard so getting home was a pain and then i had an interview at a place that will remain nameless. it was okay i suppose but i'd rather not work there. we'll see how the other options pan out first. by the time all that business was done i was exhausted so i came home and took a nap. i was suppsed to go to dinner with my parents and bobby tonight for my arrival day. nineteen years in america. hollaback. but it was too snowy so we're going tomorrow. i want little venice. i just want to eat the sauce, really.

bobby and i went to wegman's and did homemade fish fry because by the time we got there the actual fish fry thing was closed. now we're going to watch some basketball and i have laundry and i should probably start my english essay revision seeing how i've put it off all week.

i will leave you with a picture by katiy schultz.

<img src="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b197/AnnAR313/waer.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

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thisi si why i'mhot-hottt! [16 Mar 2007|03:03am]
[ mood | good ]

so tonight me and katiy nad clallie and megan went downtown an dit was soooo much fuin seirously i don't think i have hda that good a time in forever.i strill can't believe that me and megan got in as over 121 but we did there were lots of seedy guys and ugly igirlds and someon got a bottle broken over their head like ten times son. at least thats what he said! then we went to denny's and wanted water with lemon and callie's eye was hurtin and the wiater was like, whta the fuck. now i'm home and iam hjungry and i need to go to bed immeddiately because i havea lot of stuff o do tomorrow and i can't do if it i'm still asleep ok thank byou goodnight.

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work work work [14 Mar 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

only half way through the week and i already wish it was completely over. class this morning was a drag, and we got let out early because everyone was too tired to make any kind of intelligent discussion. but she cancelled friday, so i have nothing to complain about.

i came home and planned to only grab a nap and then do a million things in a row, but i ended up falling asleep for three hours. i got up and went to wegman's and had some soup and did some shopping. then i came home and took a shower and started the official job hunt that i've been talking lots of talk about starting since i got home. i went to barnes and noble and then over to the mall and applied to macy's, bath and body works, victoria's secret and a few other unmemorable places. i would rather choke on something than ever work in retail again, but i ended up getting an interview at eddie bauer at the end of this week. i'd much rather stabilize myself at barnes and noble than anywhere else. i don't want to just have a temporary job. i'd like to have something going on for the rest of the time i'm in school. i don't really want to work at all because i know once i start doing it, i'll have too much shit on my plate. shit. plate. not a really great combination.

after all that running around i went to the gym and did some more running around. now i'm tired and grumpy and would rather not go to school in the morning ... but oh, i don't have to anymore since basketball is over. i won't have to leave until around 11:30. how exciting. then tomorrow night hopefully i'll do something fun. whatever that means anymore.

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oh hey again [13 Mar 2007|08:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well after a two-year hitaus i decided it was time to start doing this again.

there reaosns for my return are as follows:

3) i'm too busy to take the time to do the handwritten thing anymore.

2) it gives me something to do in my spare time - provided i have some.

) i no longer give a shit what people think and will break the face of anyone who gives me shit about whatever i say or don't say.

that said ...

today was a really good day. it was the last day of basketball class, and i'm glad. not only is it some of the most difficult physical work i've ever done, but this one particular guy who will remain nameless was really getting on my nerves. i had to come home and shower and haul ass to public speaking, where i had to present today. there's also a particular guy in that class who likes to give everyone a pretty hard time. mainly because he's a complete nutcase. but really, who isn't? then i had a meeting with mrs. o'heron and i've decided that she's about the coolest teacher i've ever had. i came home and hung out for an hour or so then headed back to school for government, which was pretty boring but tolerable. it was still beautiful out by the time i was done around five.

i came home and changed and went to the gym for an hour and ran about five miles and did all my lifting. i feel like shit when i don't run that much, but i feel like shit when i do, too. i'm not sure why i do it ever day. we may never know.

tomorrow's already wednesday and i'm excited. i got a message from andrea today and she's home for spring break and i really hope we get to hang out before she has to go back to school. i wish i had spring break - now that it's finally starting to seem like spring. katiy is in town too and maybe we'll hang out or do it. just kidding about the doing it. or am i? after all, i did talk about gay marraige in my speech today. the boyfriend would love that. i'm so glad to be writing again. fuck you. that's all.

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